Sunday, November 9, 2008

Market (Athens)

The Markets are alive and well. Stalls that sell fish, meat and fruit (and lots of other things) are open on a daily basis in the center and several neighborhoods have their own weekly market. The central market is smelly, loud and evokes a nostalgic desire for a world before supermarkets. Incidentally, I'm trying to ween myself off of the supermarket i found in Kolonaki that has an array of unfamiliar packaged goods. I am currently more comfortable shopping at the supermarket and I feel ashamed.

Eva mentioned that there was a difference between the fish and meat vendors. The meat vendors appear older, fatter and scarier then the fish vendors. but maybe that's because it's impossible to look good when you're surrounded by carcasses and covered in blood.
Eva and Dimitris have a few people they buy from regularly because by being loyal they get the best selection and preferred treatment. Back home, I don't think I have relationships like that.

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vrbnks said...

You should call them fishmongers, as it may be some time before you can use this awesome term again with such justification.